Rotational force transmission device



【課題】 入力側の機構の周方向のガタつきに起因して出力軸が周方向にガタつくのを防止できる上、小型な構造を得やすい回転力伝達装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 保持器80内でクラッチ機構1と複数段からなる歯車機構2とを軸方向に連結し、歯車機構2の初段の歯車71に入力される回転力をクラッチ機構1の出力軸24から出力する。 クラッチ機構1は、収納室内に収納された出力回転体と、出力回転体に対し同軸状に設けられた入力回転体と、収納室の内周面と出力回転体の外周面との間に設けられた係合子と、係合子を周方向の一方側へ付勢する付勢部材とを備える。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a rotational force transmission device capable of preventing backlash in the circumferential direction, of an output shaft due to backlash in the circumferential direction, of an input-side mechanism, and downsizing a structure of the rotational force transmission device.SOLUTION: A clutch mechanism 1 and a gear mechanism 2 composed of several stages are axially connected in a holding unit 80, and rotational force input to a gear 71 of the first stage of the gear mechanism 2 is output from an output shaft 24 of the clutch mechanism 1. The clutch mechanism 1 includes an output rotor accommodated in an accommodation chamber, an input rotor disposed coaxially with the output rotor, an engagement element disposed between an inner peripheral face of the accommodation chamber and an outer peripheral face of the output rotor, and a biasing member for biasing the engagement element to one side in the circumferential direction.




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