Grass mower



【課題】 果樹園の低い枝の下や、壁際など、車体が入れない箇所でも草刈りを可能とし、かつ車体外に露出した刈取部が屈折し、屈折した刈取部それぞれの刈高さを同期させ一定に保つ機構を持つ草刈り機の提供。 【解決手段】 刈取部4は横方向に2連の刈刃機構41、42が連結部43を介して備えられ、スライド側である一方の刈刃機構42が乗用型草刈り機Aの車体外に露出するまで刈取部4を横スライドする横スライド機構が備えられ、スライド側である一方の刈刃機構32の先端側には該一方の刈刃機構31の地面からの刈り高さをもう一方の刈刃機構31の地面からの刈り高さに一致させるキャスター7、7が備えられ、スライド側である一方の刈刃機構42が乗用型草刈り機Aの車体外に露出するまでスライドした時点で連結部43を中心として上下方向に回動自在に連結された構成。 【選択図】 図16
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a grass mower that performs grass mowing even under a low branch in an orchard or a part such as a site close to a wall which a vehicle body cannot enter and has a mechanism in which a mowing part exposed to the outside of the vehicle body is bent, each mowing height of bent mowing parts is synchronized and kept constant.SOLUTION: The grass mower includes a mowing part 4 provided with double mowing blade mechanisms 41 and 42 through a connection part 43 in the lateral direction; a lateral sliding mechanism for laterally sliding the mowing part 4 until one mowing blade mechanism 42 being a sliding side is exposed to the outside of the vehicle body of a riding grass mower A; and castors 7 and 7 for making the mowing height of one mowing blade mechanism 42 from the ground surface coincident with that of the other mowing blade mechanism 41 mounted at the tip side of one mowing blade mechanism 42 being a sliding side, wherein the one mowing blade mechanism 42 being in the sliding side is rotatably connected to the mowing blade mechanism in the vertical direction around the connection part 43 at a point of time when the one mowing blade mechanism is slid until exposed to the outside of the vehicle body of the riding grass mower A.




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