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US-7856529-B2: Customizable memory indexing functions patent, US-7881960-B2: Value analysis and value added concoction of a beverage in a network environment of the beverage patent, US-7918669-B1: Integrated circuit socket with a two-piece connector with a rocker arm patent, US-7954346-B2: Cutting machine particulary for leather and similar materials patent, US-7978749-B2: Bandjamming multi-channel DSSS transmitter and method therefor patent, US-8010215-B2: Structure for selecting processors for job scheduling using measured power consumption patent, US-8010869-B2: Method and device for controlling the decoding of a LDPC encoded codeword, in particular for DVB-S2 LDPC encoded codewords patent, US-8040396-B2: Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method patent, US-8057441-B2: Cap for drug delivery devices patent, US-8059498-B2: Operating element and reproducer patent, US-8103925-B2: On-chip logic to support compressed X-masking for BIST patent, US-8181602-B2: Compressed straw material patent, US-8188793-B2: Systems and methods for saturation detection and corection in a power control loop patent, US-8194636-B1: Adaptive timing synchronization for mesh networks patent, US-8258818-B2: Operating a switched-capacitor circuit with reduced noise patent, US-8430038-B2: Line-changing device for magnetic levitation trains and kit for its manufacture patent, US-8476307-B2: Pharmaceutical composition based on idazoxan, salts, hydrates or polymorphs thereof patent, US-8533254-B1: Method and system for replicating content over a network patent, US-8540603-B2: Vehicle power transmission control device patent, US-8567353-B2: Assemblies and methods for securing a riser brace patent, US-6775113-B2: Safety device for power circuit and fuse box patent, US-6781362-B1: Engine control device having voltage adjustment circuitry patent, US-6795504-B1: Memory efficient 3-D wavelet transform for video coding without boundary effects patent, US-6832108-B2: Endovaginal MRI receiver coil patent, US-6859972-B2: Wiper system including separator assembly patent, US-6865760-B2: Tool holder and cord locking means patent, US-6900687-B2: Circuitry and method to provide a high speed comparator for an input stage of a low-voltage differential signal receiver circuit patent, US-6934501-B2: Image reading apparatus, image reading method and original transport apparatus patent, US-6938756-B2: Three piece basket carrier patent, US-7014300-B2: Inkjet head patent, US-7056268-B2: Free weight lifting bar with adjustable handles patent, US-7080931-B2: Multiple pattern light source patent, US-7204033-B2: Device having removable probe system and measuring instrument having such a device patent, US-7214164-B2: Shift operation control system patent, US-7406178-B2: Efficient digital audio automatic gain control patent, US-7451842-B2: Control system for electric motor car patent, US-7550292-B2: Mobile modular, multi-chamber composting system patent, US-7593426-B1: Bit rate and power allocation for multi-carrier communication systems patent, US-7631146-B2: Processor with cache way prediction and method thereof patent, US-7632383-B2: Vacuum sputtering cathode patent, US-7653722-B1: Server monitoring framework patent, US-7762106-B2: Internally guided needle patent, US-7832940-B2: Method of producing rolling bearing device patent, US-7950930-B2: Electric junction box patent, US-8006917-B2: Method and apparatus for reducing acoustic noise in a synthetic jet patent, US-8072018-B2: Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same patent, US-8157388-B2: System and method for a projection display system using an optical lightguide patent, US-8220311-B2: System and method for measuring concentration of a paramagnetic gas patent, US-8237961-B2: Virtual device management method and management apparatus patent, US-8260746-B2: Computer system for hierarchically managing a journal and method therefor patent, US-8283851-B2: Organic light-emitting display apparatus patent, US-8367060-B2: Pharmaceutical composition containing arazyme for the prevention of liver dysfunction patent, US-8367146-B2: Confectionery made from herbal mixtures patent, US-8444848-B2: Electrochemical substrate slicing using electromagnetic wave excitation patent, US-8445918-B2: Thermal enhancement for multi-layer semiconductor stacks patent, US-8502250-B2: Light emitting diode package and light emitting diode module patent, US-8530891-B2: Field-effect transistor, and process for producing field-effect transistor patent, US-8582344-B2: Multiplexer/de-multiplexer memristive device patent, US-6997701-B2: Burner for a gas and air mixture patent, US-7040723-B2: Modular food guard apparatus and systems and methods of use thereof patent, US-7060227-B2: Microfluidic devices with raised walls patent, US-7119726-B2: Error feedback structure for delta-sigma modulators with improved stability patent, US-7168663-B2: Point machine for movable frogs patent, US-7240253-B2: Semiconductor storage device patent, US-7292811-B2: Toner supplying container and image forming apparatus patent, US-7325469-B1: Co-extruded screwdriver patent, US-7354375-B2: Transmission having multiple ratio planetary gear unit in series with an auxiliary gear unit patent, US-7591936-B2: Microfluidic device wherein the liquid/fluid interface is stabilized patent, US-7637399-B2: Spray discharge cap for a sprayer having a valve patent, US-7689006-B2: Biometric convolution using multiple biometrics patent, US-7691157-B2: Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same patent, US-7721748-B2: Pole brace and ballasting device patent, US-7789677-B2: Electrical connector having low board mounting profile patent, US-7847618-B2: Peak power reduction methods in distributed charge pump systems patent, US-7850399-B2: Method of splicing pile cages, set of components therefor, and assembled pile cages patent, US-7913364-B2: Casket with combination shelf, drawer, and/or memorialization feature patent, US-7935814-B2: Nitroguanosine-3′ 5′-cyclic monophosphate compound and protein kinase G activating agent patent, US-8153720-B2: Resin composition patent, US-8195581-B2: Apparatus and method for simulating multi-dimensional non-linear multivariable processes patent, US-8249791-B2: Method for determining the coefficient of friction of disk brakes patent, US-8300324-B2: Lens barrel and imaging device patent, US-8354468-B2: Thermoplastic elastomer composition patent, US-8418817-B2: Brake assembly having a mounting clip patent, US-8440449-B2: Transformed Saccharomyces cerevisiae engineered for xylose utilization patent, US-8503209-B2: Power conversion apparatus and cooling structure therefor patent, US-8573726-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-6757902-B2: Computer system for automatically instantiating tasks designated by a user patent, US-6850548-B2: Assymmetric distributed Bragg reflector for vertical cavity surface emitting lasers patent, US-7050401-B1: Monitoring system and method implementing test result display logic patent, US-7165338-B2: Measuring apparatus for mitre saws, cut-off saws, and the like, and method of use patent, US-7176482-B1: DNA-based electronics patent, US-7324254-B2: High efficiency micro-display system patent, US-7332927-B2: Apparatus for temporary thermal coupling of an electronic device to a heat sink during test patent, US-7434935-B2: Measurement of an ophthalmic lens wearer behavior patent, US-7576550-B2: Automatic multiplexing system for automated wafer testing patent, US-7600920-B2: Bearing holding structure for motor patent, US-7791911-B2: Inverter device which maintains voltage during input voltage drop patent, US-7862785-B2: Use of surfactants in the production of metal patent, US-7874289-B2: Door assembly for a cooking appliance patent, US-7913707-B2: Umbrella having an angle adjustable function patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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